Ivormadom Santhosh Swamy

The word Karmi means one who knows how to do deeds. Aren’t everyone in the world are a Karmi? Everyone lives by performing different actions. But not all human beings are Karmi Because, Karmi is the one who selflessly act as a medium to disperse the divine knowledge provided by the one who created the Universe.

Santhosh Swami, a man who is provided with the duty towards the people’s who has left the mortal form. That is, after the Prana or soul has departed from a body, posthumous rituals are performed by their relatives. It is believed that this ritual came into existence, or the knowledge became known among men, through the Mahabharata. The core and foundation of Sanatana Dharma is about the soul itself.

The life that is born as vasanabandha dies before reaching its fullness. For the relatives who were with him till then, the grief of not fulfilling it in that life. The longing of the soul, and the life with the thirst of rebirth; The solution to these two sorrows is the posthumous rituals performed by the Lord.

Here Santosh Swami is doing 10th and 11th day kriyas and 14th, 15th and 16th day kriyas (urgent karmas brahmin karma). 1st Death Anniversary (Shraddham), Death Anniversary (Shraddham) and (tithi) remedial actions.